Northumbria is the home of stained-glass and my hand-made glass coasters are the fruits of a special partnership with a local Northumbrian glass printer. After careful selection the 'glass alchemist' transforms my print into a glistening and splendidly colour-rich glass coaster. The perfect 'cool' gift to enhance any table setting or coffee table! 

The coasters come in pairs or sets of 4. The sets fit together to become a single image and can be used for large table dishes. Functional and beautiful! 


Northumbrian Iconic Landscape Collection


I have selected five of my Northumbrian landscapes for this collection - two also feature local animals at home in that landscape. My hope is that the 'prints turned to glass' echo the rich Northumbrian glass-making heritage and remind outsiders (and locals!) of the wonderful colours and light that we have up here! 



Northumbria Field & Garden Collection

In spring and early summer the fields, verges and gardens of Northumbria positively vibrate with colour! My floral prints attempt to capture this point in time. My hope is that the glass coasters that are inspired by my floral prints will remind us of that vibrancy when the flowers and grasses are long dead and the long Northumbrian winter has returned.  





Check back after Christmas!

I have a wonderful studio here in Hexham but storage space is strictly limited. From time to time I simply have to make space for new prints and new product designs. That is the only reason why these beautiful items are being offered at reduced prices. None are seconds - all are perfect!