My Printmaking Process

Tools and supplies in the studio
Carol Nunan holding one of her framed limited edition prints.


How I Work

My prints are created entirely by hand. A unique, hand-crafted plate is the basis of each print. You can see how I ink up a plate in the video below. I work primarily with collagraph and monotype using two separate plates. I use reductive monotype, printing in layers, for the main areas of colour on plate one, to build mood, to mark the time of day, the weather, the seasons, and how these are reflected in the landscape. The collagraph plate provides the detail. For example, in the print in the video, this includes the moon, the owl and the details of the fields.

Each Print is Unique

All my prints are unique. In some cases only one print has been produced from the plate, therefore it is entirely unique and marked 1/1. More often I produce a 'variable edition' usually of 20. Unlike many printmakers, I choose not to replicate the same print 20 times over but instead create 'variations on a theme'. The essential composition remains the same whilst I play with colour every time I print, to convey the landscape’s changing moods, light and seasons and sometimes I develop the print details too. Each and every print is therefore unique and the first print of an edition is marked as E/V (Edition Variable) 1/20.


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