The wish behind my Mini Print Collections is that small can be both beautiful and affordable! With this in mind, I have created a ‘collection in miniature’ of my most popular prints, ready framed to give (or keep for yourself!) I see each mini print as a small and secret window onto the Northumbrian landscape, it’s wild flowers and animals and glorious gardens.

My mini prints make an ideal, easy to post gift for the small house or flat. Buy one or make up your own collection to display as a cluster.


Northumbria Iconic Landscape Collection

This collection of mini-prints are inspired by Northumbria’s ‘chess set’ of iconic castles, it’s untamed coastline, it’s rich Christian heritage centred on Lindisfarne and Durham, pre and post Roman archaeology and the landscapes and geology of the Great Whin Sill which famously forms the foundation of Hadrian’s Wall just across the Tyne Valley from my studio.

Northumbria Field & Garden Collection

My Field and Garden Mini Print Collection is my attempt to capture and pass onto other flower-lovers (and flower-lovers to be!) the rich and varied flora which decorates the Northumbrian fields, hay meadows, and moors and also the region’s wonderful gardens.

The gardens that I visit range from the formal and walled gardens at the National Trust’s Wallington Hall, Cragside and Gibside, English Heritage’s Belsay Hall but also the county’s less well known gardens such as Herterton House Gardens (my favourite!) and the more modest gardens of my neighbours’ and my own Northumberland home.