Hi, I’m Carol, a printmaker…

…and former graphic designer. Welcome!

Colour, texture and the endless possibilities of the handmade print are my passion.
Sharing my knowledge with others setting out on, or continuing their own creative journey is another.

Art and creativity are, I believe, crucial to our health and well being. It has rescued me on many an occasion.


Carol as a cheeky child

Born in the west of Ireland,

into a family of artists, I always wanted to be an ‘artist’. At primary school I drew at every opportunity - my giant box of colouring pencils and felt tips were my best friends. Art of any kind was my favourite subject.

When I was sent to boarding school in Zimbabwe, my art teacher, Mrs. Ross, operated an open door policy to the well equipped art room to draw, paint, make batiks, or ceramics, or sculpture. We were actively encouraged to explore whatever medium took our fancy.

My life has taken quite a few turns 

My mother and I joined my father in Zambia when I was six weeks old where I spent a happy, idyllic childhood. My brother and I spent our days climbing the mango and avocado trees, eating the fruit, setting up dens and swimming at the local mine pool.

I was sixteen when we returned to Ireland. Five years later, having graduated from The National College of Art & Design in Dublin, I returned, this time to South Africa, to begin my career as a graphic designer. I met my husband there. We have now made our home here in Northumberland in the North East of England.

Carol at the National College of Art and Design in Dublin

Carol with her young son

Post-natal depression lead me to printmaking...

At the start printmaking was simply creative therapy. I immersed myself in the process and fell in love with the possibilities. If you told me then where it would lead - a successful partnership with my printmaking teacher, Horsley Printmakers, and then a successful business on my own - I’d have laughed.

Since those early days I’ve had the privilege of sharing my knowledge, and my experience, with others with their own mental health battles. Today, with the help of my other half, I have created a range of products based on my original work that I exhibit in galleries across the UK and I teach printmaking.

I’m inspired by…

The wide skies and broad landscapes of my adopted home of Northumberland. There is so much rich history here - Hadrian’s Wall and the Romans, Neolithic stones, Bronze Age and Border Reiver settlements, medieval castles and the shoreline. Let’s not forget the wild flora and fauna, the geology of the Whin Sill and last but not least, the spectacular dark skies at night.

Carol, walking in the woods looking for inspiration

Carol exhibiting at a trade fair